Tech Notes

Koopid Reporting Dashboard

Overview: This document covers an overview of the new Elastic Reporting dashboard, and the basic metrics and graphs available to help you monitor your Koopid experiences.

Embedding YouTube or Video URLs into a WorkFlow

Overview: This Koopid Tech Note covers steps needed to embed a publicly accessible video hosted by an outside streaming service (like YouTube) into Koopid workflows.     

Agent Desktop

Overview: This note goes over how to use the agent desktop and its settings and features.

Embedding External Service URLs

Overview: This Koopid Tech Note covers steps needed to embed an outside service URL into Koopid workflows.

Media Types to Use with Koopid Experiences

Overview:  This Koopid Tech Note covers file upload / download support for different types of media, including images, videos, documents and presentations, on the Koopid platform. Each channel supported in Koopid has specific requirements for file type and size.

Workflow Variables for Koopid Experiences

Overview: Koopid workflows contain some default variables that are populated with values, if present. If no value exists for a variable, then the value is the empty string ““. These variables will contain values based on the state of the Koopid runtime system, user input, analysis, and other factors of execution during a workflow. Variables in Koopid […]

How to connect Koopid to Facebook Messenger

Overview This Koopid Tech Note documents the process of connecting Facebook Messenger to Koopid workflows. The note includes the step by step process along with the process to disconnect from Koopid should it be necessary.  Connect Koopid to Messenger  Prerequisites Koopid Provider Account New Bot created for Facebook Messenger Workflows in the Bot utilizing text only […]