07.23.21 – Release Notes V5.44


Essentials / Portal

    • Knowledge Essential for creating AI and menu driven FAQ (beta on request)
    • Update chat channel system message configurations to support clearing and maintaining values. for: “Agent available”, “Agent Unavailable” and “Routing Cancelled”
    • Visual IVR Essential has been depreciated. Existing instances will still function.
    • Deploy page information is not specific to the provider data center.
    • Expert flows are now accessible from Services→Start→Expert Flows card, and from a button on the upper right of Services→Manage
    • Essentials plugins/widgets standardization of “send” instead of “submit” button.
    • URL redirect for deep links passing through login (helps share links into specific portal functions)
    • Modern style as new option in branding, including updated essentials plugins/widgets and client look and feel.


    • Display controls maintained during sticky session page transitions
    • Last agent routing
    • Outbound workflow notification, send a workflow initiated session to a customer
    • Context API to send an interaction into a closed customer session


    • Avaya Workspaces Alpha release (on request)
    • 3rd party Contact Center widget push Alpha (on request)
    • Avaya CPaaS Voice integration (beta on request)
    • Twitter/Facebook support for sending private messages from a public conversation

Agent Client

    • Updated style/colors of read receipt icons
    • Respond to social customers on private channel when handling a public interactions
    • Search options for Route Failed sessions and Customer specific sessions

Customer Client

    • Modern style updates including ui style, bottom work area, default message icons, and more.
    • Display controls no longer removes the attach, edit box, and send button, they are only disabled.
    • Inline images can now be expanded by clicking the referenced URL
  • AI / Dashboard / Analytics

    • Ops Map Alpha (on request)
    • Engagement Map Beta (on request)
    • Training button color, text, and state change updates.
    • Blocked list for auto-suggest phrases

Bug Fixes

    • Handle URL encoded spaces in entry tag URLs
    • Training button state is incorrect in Essentials
    • Issues with HTML text editor in Essentials
    • JSON response from plugins is not properly stored and may crash during a workflow
    • Agent status is not updating on the desktop when network disconnects/reconnects
    • Plugins can’t be uploaded with _ in HTML names
    • Agent skills will be normalized to all lowercase
    • With sticky sessions enabled, window should close after timeout
    • Long messages are exceeding message bubble on iOS devices
    • Sticky session url parameter read ordering is incorrect
    • Try It mode was not responding in the portal
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