06.18.21 – Release Notes V5.43


Essentials / Portal

    • Improve manage page resource loading
    • Add the provider name to the browser display tab
    • Text Chatbot Essentials UI improvements for intent name limits
    • Text Chatbot Essentials response field upgraded to HTML rich text field
    • New branding style, Koopid Modern. Update default experience look and feel
    • Update AI training messages to point to AI Management for updated training status
    • Moved Expert Flows access to Services→Setup→Expert Flows card
    • Cleanup remaining references to app.koopid.io in Essentials pages
    • Provider customization support for Essentials notify sms/email plugin


    • Connected to agent system message is configurable or can be hidden
    • Async response / reopen conversation support
    • Set message type support for system messages
    • Additional routing message and timeouts available in chat channel configuration
    • Survey response datatypes for numbers and text


    • Contact Center integration wait time and queue position message is configurable
    • Okta app store listing approved
    • Voice CPaaS Beta release for voice IVR and speech applications

Agent Client

    • Reopen conversation button to enable reopen for sessions to social/messaging solutions
    • If agent response fails to send, send response through email if configured for the customer

Customer Client

    • Increase default font size for AI suggestions
    • ADA support for screen readers
    • Keep text input area visible but inactive using display controls
    • Rebuild display controls commands on sticky sessions relaunch
  • AI / Dashboard / Analytics

    • Fallback intent configurable from AI Intent Maps
    • Reduce accuracy threshold for auto-suggest
    • Tags and Survey visualization additions
    • Bot runtime optimizations for performance and training
    • Advanced control of autosuggest through limits, fixed phrases, phrase removal, and enable/disable learning
    • Current wait time in minutes available in reporting
    • Disable auto-suggest through display controls. (disable auto-suggest; enable auto-suggest)
  • Documentation

    • Okta configuration guide

Bug Fixes

    • Two conversations active for a single customer at agent
    • Missing conversation history after transfer
    • Related conversations not seen if media node is present
    • Last modified sort in manage page not working correctly
    • Intent map names with spaces cause problems with deploy links
    • Text chatbot name modal disappears
    • Twitter account authentication popup is hidden during configuration
    • Last plugin disappears when show history is clicked at client
    • Incorrect number of pages count for the manage screen with multiple pages
    • Manage page search and display issues
    • Issues with two browser tabs in same stickiness session
    • Disable user input from plugin if user used message text input instead
    • Empty message bubble displayed if Text Chatbot response field is empty
    • Visualization issues with large volume data sources
    • Agent text input box remained disabled when connecting a customer from messenger
    • “/” in workflow name caused workflow to not function properly
    • Related conversation not seen at agent side if conversation had a media node
    • Intent direct to different workflow doesn’t work with display controls node
    • Input box for customer is re-enabled on timeout and reload page combination
    • Okta login page is displayed if user reloads page and is already logged in
    • Routing configuration page spacing issue
    • Twitter DM button quick reply fails if button text greater than 36 characters
    • Support for location from remote plugins
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