04.24.21 – Release Notes V5.42-mid


Essentials / Portal

    • Remove deployment options when no entry url available.
    • Expand width of experience drop-down boxes to accommodate longer names.
    • Admin→Users support for changing passwords
    • Admin→Users support for copy users to make it easier in multiple user adds.


    • Facebook integration update for attachment api changes.
    • Support location message from Whatsapp and other social/messaging channels into 3rd party contact center.

Agent Client

    • Agent disposition code plugin created for agent wrap-up identification.

AI / Dashboard / Analytics

    • AI suggestion removal of duplicates.

Bug Fixes

    • Media files names with a hyphen are now accepted.
    • Blank training phrases were causing intent map training issues.
    • External contact center routing was missing initial message if double quotes were present.
    • Intent map Test phrase function was incorrect if there were deleted intents in the intent map.
    • Chat sticky function caused multiple connected to agent messages.
    • CVV redaction was picking up incorrect matches.
    • Intent map learning tab view phrase was not showing target intent options.
    • Client side AI auto suggest was showing duplicate choices.
    • New provider intent map default welcome workflow was incorrect.
    • Teams support for longer input/output messages.
    • Don’t allow deletion of IVA Essentials from manage page.
    • Embedded web page integration launch and close based on active state was not set properly.
    • End of sentence punctuation was causing issues with entity extraction.
    • Network disconnect and session timeout were not working together.
    • Large messages with emoji or text from customer side caused an error with the agent.
    • Agent unable to set presence after updating profile information
    • Agent should not have access to open session functions at desktop once session is closed.
    • When sessions end the client should disable plugins.
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