04.09.2021 – Release Notes V5.41


Essentials / Portal

    • New Users Management page.
    • 2-Way messaging help text description updates.
    • Improved descriptions for media library management page.
    • Branding page support for images, colors, and preview usability updates.
    • Supervisor portal sort ordering, pagination cache, and search improvements.
    • Supervisor portal related segment view and html message display.
    • Supervisor portal business identity search.
    • Upload/download workflow JSON file from manage page.


    • PCI and HIPAA compliance
    • Active Directory SSO support.
    • Add queue interrupt workflow to allow actions with queued users.
    • Provider level notifications for system operation errors.


    • Detect links in private social channels for proper display.
    • Plivo SMS support for inbound and outbound.
    • Twilio SMS support for inbound and outbound.
    • Generic SFDC plugin.

Agent Client

    • Updated Agent Desktop api for agent state, login, and other control function.
    • Open the agent client message entry window if the session is in an unknown state.
    • Show error messages when social channel send message failure occurs.

Customer Client

    • Support for chat client to maintain session history/state while navigating web pages.
    • Default styling of base icons updated with new Koopid branding.

AI / Dashboard / Analytics

    • Task visualizations available for tracking business activity. Placed on-demand in the Business Board.
    • End to end session duration visualization to track bot/agent handle times.
    • Agent productivity visualization.
    • Sentiment visualizations for sentiment sessions over time.
    • Add edit in place and workflow change functionality for intent map training phrases.
    • Add save button support for intent map advanced settings.
    • Include agent skill, agent, and customer emails in data extraction.
    • Auto-suggest will display only learned phrases.
    • Add phrases to auto-suggest through intent map test phrase button.
    • New visualizations for the business board to show active sessions with bots and active sessions with agents.

Bug Fixes

    • Intent map training phrase upload not working.
    • Social media connection configuration base URL fix.
    • Routing configuration screen give feedback on save action.
    • Missing message on display of chat history for client.
    • Incorrect session timeout message seen at agent when customer closes chat window.
    • Email entity extraction errors.
    • Intent map conflicts tab producing blank screen on errors.
    • Provider portal MFA code box allowed browser pre-population of values.
    • Improve mobile connection issues relation to session timeouts.
    • Delete intent should not delete the connected workflow.
    • Essentials goto list boxes should list all workflows.
    • Regex parsing errors in expert mode workflow editor when defining branch nodes.
    • Round robin routing skipping agents.
    • Longer names and skills overrunning the provider portal user information box.
    • Email entity missing in intent map training phrase drop down.
    • Broken direct link to agent UI with a chat session indicator.
    • Race condition with social channel survey launch.
    • Delete welcome or fallback intents will return to defaults.
    • Prevent scrolling due to typing indicator when the indicator is not visible.
    • Ignore unsupported media uploads in WhatsApp.
    • Correct default dashboard names.
    • Errors launching Conflicts tab for intent maps.
    • Duplicate connected to agent messages when navigating web pages with stickiness on.
    • Supervisor portal displaying incorrect customer name for social channels.
    • Correct Supervisor portal results ordering between pages.
    • Contact center integration websocket exception handling.
    • External service api call response status incorrectly set during failure.
    • Client not responding to close message after session close.
    • New intent map default welcome not working properly.
    • Agent desktop channel icons not updating properly.
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