01.09.21 – Release Notes V5.39-Mid



    • Update manage page icons, provide quick link access on manage page through a single icon


    • Expand supervisor portal search options to date, text, agent, business identity
    • Branding page improvements for font, colors, and a new preview function.
    • Updated Terms of service and privacy policy links


    • Prevent re-queue of sessions when duplicate route nodes are invoked.


    • 3rd party contact center integration improvements for routing and retry.
    • Include a session launch URL for a 3rd party route request
    • Detect and display URL content in text interactions (chat and social)
    • Twitter reply scope is limited to the author of mentions
    • Instagram processing of multiple shared images, enable agent access to the first one.

Agent Client

    • Automatic retry on display of session data if there is an error detected.
    • Add a “next>>” button to show bot conversation in the session that occurred during route queue time with customer.
    • For Twitter content provide messages indicated deleted tweets and protected tweets to the agent

Customer Client

    • Update the name of the browser tab to be the provider name

AI / Dashboard / Analytics

    • Add name of intent map to the training phrase screen
    • Update new Statusboard with remaining metrics from older Statusboard
    • Increase training runs for OneBot to produce higher quality models

Bug Fixes

    • Two way messaging prompts were not formatted correctly
    • Customer client improperly refreshed for some notification types
    • Agent styling with new default branding is not applied to search result sessions.
    • Missing some info messages in social media interactions, remove empty hidden messages
    • allow -,_ in uploaded filename, improve the error messages.
    • Concierge file upload errors due to authentication issues.
    • Facebook messenger file upload problems.
    • End session for 3rd party routed sessions missing if customer doesn’t type during agent session.
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