12.19.20 – Release Notes V5.38



    • Enable selection of font in branding and normalize font sizes across client.
    • Notify plugin supports multiple email address destinations


    • Release new portal style and branding
    • Supervisor portal page for search and display of customer, agent, and bot sessions


    • Routing fairness improvement using a mix of┬ápriorities, queue sizes and fairness
    • Priority queues, enable the ability for a specific queue to be routed above other queues.
    • Throttling of exponential incoming volume bursts for all social media channels.
    • Provide customer subdomain functionality on request <customer>.koopid.ai
    • Ability to hide/unhide all system messages for a channel
    • Database performance improvements
    • Critical system error notification for providers


    • Support a default response account for Twitter
    • Support converting choices plugin into social menus for twitter/facebook messenger
    • Social channels will clear display control settings on abort.
    • SFDC plugin
    • WhatsApp template support in workflows
    • Oceana support for sending history at conversation start

Agent Client

    • Email transcript send was not working properly

Customer Client

    • Default font normalization across messages, plugins, and widgets

AI / Dashboard / Analytics

    • Include skill information in the agent routing report
    • Data and OneBot performance improvements
    • Dashboard panel for agent tagging information, chats waiting, bot and agent sessions
    • Survey delivery and reporting mechanism

Bug Fixes

    • Twitter messages were being truncated
    • Fix provider availability using business hours
    • Session timer should start once routing is successful
    • Agent desktop session and user issues
    • Redacted data missing for single interaction sessions
    • duplicates in social messages shown on agent
    • Handle inputs properly while workflow processing is ongoing
    • Long training phrases in AI intent map causes UI issues
    • Language detection issues
    • Tweets with special characters are failing
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