11.14.20 – Release Notes V5.37



    • Visual IVA usability updates
    • Export workflow available from Services→Manage page


    • Agent login available for portal with restricted access.


    • Automatic social media input throttling to protect customers against public viral events
    • RouteClose system workflow added. Allows actions to be taken when routing times out or is canceled.
    • Channel based timeout settings
    • Route cancel capabilities to cancel a queued item through the workflow.
    • New survey message type enabling reporting data injection when used.
    • Maintain customer.session.* variables across intent matches


    • Inbound social media interaction throttling to protect against exponential growth situations
    • Support for social media buttons/menus in Messenger and Twitter DM
    • Initial Oracle Service Cloud chat support
    • Avaya Oceana Chat and Social API support

Agent Client

    • Show link to top level media link when customer comments on a media only post
    • Search box will search in all the business identity fields
    • End client session on a logout and clean up all active session information
    • Updated branding icons, login, and images.

Customer Client

    • Added X for close functionality to immediately close the session when customer selects the X icon.
    • Updated branding icons and images.

AI / Dashboard / Analytics

    • Standardize default dashboards and link to 3 Admin menus: Dashboard, Statusboard, Businessboard
    • Sessions based counting in all dashboards
    • AI Training phrases may now include entities in the phrase
    • AI Learning has disposition function and merge of duplicates for better supervised learning management
    • AI Intent map allows delete intent, number of intents listed, and additional summarized information
    • Spellcheck and language ID improvements for OneBot
    • Outbound notifications sent panel available for Businessboard
    • Hourly average chat queue wait time panel available for Dashboard
    • Update workflow analytics report to show node labels
    • Updated training phrase samples for sample domains


    • Dashboard documentation
    • Branding update

Bug Fixes

    • Max chat threshold never met after reaching for the first time.
    • Text IVA entry tag for deploy sometimes returns empty link
    • Encoding issue with Hindi language training phrases
    • Customer connected to agent message missing in 2nd customer session
    • Delete of welcome or fallback flows will return to default system flows
    • Reset media caching when updating an existing media file.
    • Chat history not displayed when email address of customer is incorrect
    • Problems with search for provider portal dropdowns
    • longer tweets not properly displayed on agent desktop
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