10.10.20 – Release Notes V5.36



    • Add more action options to 2-way messaging (url, goto experience, link to experience)
    • Make name mandatory for essentials
    • Add get link button for quick testing and deployment from the Essential management UI
    • Visual IVR usability upgrades for node creation and prompt configuration


    • CSS editing support from Branding UI
    • Copy experience from the manage page for workflow and virtual concierge experiences
    • Manage Experiences now has last modified date column
    • Detect inactivity and logout user from portal


    • Extend system message options to: no message, system message, or custom message
    • Interaction timeout specific to a channel
    • Separate timeout values for agent side vs customer side
    • Remove abandoned chats from queue
    • Business location file storage support (SharePoint)
    • Launch workflow on session close
    • Suppress retweets, likes, and other non-information posts from being routed to agents.
    • Support upload and share of .bmp files


    • Avaya Oceana Chat API integration for Contact Center routing
    • WordPress plugin update for configuring base url

Agent Client

    • Session search support for searching in business identity
    • Session search for sessions from any agent

Customer Client

    • Browser back button leads to splash screen
    • Enabled Powered By Koopid logo and link at the bottom of the client window
    • Detect disconnect / connect events through client messages

AI / Dashboard / Analytics

    • Session channel information is displayed in reporting
    • AI Training screen test button support showing only the match or a message that no match occurred.
    • AI UI screens validation, and screen refinements.
    • AI Intent Map Advanced Settings to configure which intent maps are active for conversation topic detection (agent/customer)
    • Assign entity usage in AI training phrases
    • Outbound notification metrics available for reporting
    • Portal activity for logging and reporting
    • Create new intent available from Intent Map UI
    • New Dashboard/Statusboard (enabled on request)
    • Block saving of phrases and AI elements when training is in process
    • Upload training phrases for an intent from a file


    • Conditional branch operator descriptions

Bug Fixes

    • User/agent skills assignment was missing saving all the skills
    • remove client login screen from client UI
    • Restrict new conversations during chat route actions
    • long media names were overflowing text fields
    • Customer.queued context variable was not set properly in all cases
    • Question mark was not properly handled in SMS notify
    • Manage portal page was not always updated properly.
    • Agent id update for EWC connector during transfer.
    • Resolve issues with restoring connections through network connect/disconnect
    • Last channel icon in agent desktop was not holding through end of session
    • Agent closes chat but still remains active in agent desktop
    • Unable to delete calendar definition
    • Some plain text messages are redacted as Date
    • Avaya EWC dates are displayed incorrectly
    • Correct email used in 3rd party route integration
    • Branding CSS incorrectly overwritten
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