09.06.20 – Release Notes V5.35



    • Visual IVR completion
    • Visual IVA completion, visual interface linking workflow quick buttons and how may I help you input.
    • Text Chatbot optimizations for save + train and workflow reduction
    • Text Chatbot support for multiline and longer answers/responses
    • 2-way messaging new options for no action, response only, and goto experience
    • Updated menu terminology, setup from create, services in place of experiences in some places
    • Essentials plugins/widgets will inherit branding color, font changes
    • Essentials Smart Answering Service integration with DialogFlow transfer to a number.
    • Support for Facebook Messenger menu buttons from Text Chatbot


    • Beta link to new reporting (on request from Koopid)
    • Updated branding page with CSS that reaches plugins as well as base client.
    • Message for route cancel is configurable


    • Configuration parameter available to turn on/off AI suggestions
    • Release of UK data center
    • Outbound WhatsApp notification messages
    • New Reporting infrastructure deployed
    • Session end workflow capabilities, run a given workflow on the end of a session.
    • Avaya SMS outbound support.

Agent Client

    • Show timestamp for system messages in agent view of timeline

Customer Client

    • Message input box support right to¬†left text input
    • Allow GoogleAPI font family support¬†through CSS
    • Customer inactivity timeout

AI / Dashboard / Analytics

    • Add in channel info along with related information into redacted data, data api
    • Context data configured with deflect api now has an expire time
    • Merge conversational AI bots into KoopidOne bot, upgrade algorithms and technology
    • New AI Intent Map UI: Training, Learning, and Conflicts
      • Training – Manage phrases for intent maps and test sample input phrases
      • Learning – Analyze unrecognized phrases, add to intent maps for learning.
      • Conflicts – Review conflicts between intents, make changes to remove
    • Delete button for intents
    • Self-learning full phrases for AI suggestions on the client.


    • How to change an email address in a workflow
    • How to add a new user
    • How to configure SMS (Vonage, Avaya)

Bug Fixes

    • Message marked for agent only display was displayed to customer side
    • Text Chatbot essentials fixes for ui required fields, enable/disable fields during edit, and saving operations
    • agent.name variable is returning a comma with the name
    • properly handle newline in info messages
    • calendar configuration delete not working
    • return topmatches from the primary bot that is active.
    • correct message type field where WhatsApp was incorrectly reported
    • emoji keyboard is incorrectly sized
    • Peer-to-Peer WebRTC not functioning
    • Warning message when navigating away from unsaved changes in Essentials creation.
    • Default CSS used different fonts for different messages and plugins
    • 2+ picture uploads from Messenger only shows first picture
    • Text Chatbot training should not be triggered for each save or add
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