08.03.20 – Release Notes V5.34



    • Essentials Web Calling added
    • Essentials Text Chatbot added
    • Essentials Visual IVR (Beta UI only) added
    • Smart Answers Voice, support for telephony transfer
    • Allow AI intent use from essentials selection inputs if message box is enabled
    • Essentials Concierge selection node prompt is now optional


    • Disable access to fallback system workflow for AI training phrases
    • Custom branding CSS styles are now additive to reduce impact on base CSS
    • Expert mode workflow progress message node type added, push information into the reporting extraction.
    • Expert mode workflow support for new route cancel node, enable a customer to exit wait for an agent.
    • Delete intent map supported


    • Caching optimization to improve performance
    • Provide custom portal branding and style now available
    • Custom on-hold message support for external 3rd party routing
    • Routing and queue information passed to workflows from 3rd party routing
    • Integration to Puzzel, cloud based contact center

Agent Client

    • Confirmation message displayed when closing a session
    • Extended bot history available in bot segment display (see more…)
    • Scroll conversation view to most recent interaction on session open
    • Timestamp display available for info messages in conversation view

Customer Client

    • URL text in message content become clickable links
    • AI Auto complete / text suggestions for text input (ask to be enabled)
    • Optimize client API Calls for performance improvement
    • Expose connection type (bot/agent) in client CSS to customize based on connection type

AI / Dashboard / Analytics

    • Push statusboard metric set into new reporting platform (beta)
    • Push dashboard metric set into new reporting platform (beta)
    • Flat file, CSV extract available from the charts in new reporting platform (beta)
    • Add chat type field to redacted data extraction
    • Support for automatic language id generation
    • Push media node information into redacted / extracted data
    • Push plugin/widget node information into redacted / extracted data
    • Koopid OneBot support for entities in non-english languages
    • Koopid OneBot entity support for Hindi numeric


Bug Fixes

    • Intermittent cases of agent not notified of new chat
    • Hindi entry tag phrases not working
    • Errors deploying through manage page
    • Issues with z-index ordering of koopid chat page
    • Customer session timeout message not appearing in customer history
    • No agent confirmation when logging off with an open chat
    • Remove encoding from query in koopid ai bot
    • Short URL creation failure on deploy
    • File upload validation for media types, names, and sizes
    • Fix Calendly plugin api calls
    • Problem with buttons in workflows on mobile browsers
    • Correct the workflow name for essentials templates when written to redacted message
    • Essentials web chat services error when saving
    • Conversation channel type not recognized immediately at agent desktop
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