07.01.20 – Release Notes V5.33


New Portal/Essentials

    • Smart Answers Voice – Dialogflow experience
    • Web Chat Services template for agent escalation
    • 2Way Messaging Essentials for creation of SMS texting experience
    • New Media Management UI
    • Added a new UI landing page on login
    • Added deploy button summary page of Concierge and Smart Chat Service.
    • Show Experience name on deploy page for usability
    • Greeting prompt on step 1 of Concierge Essential is now optional.


    • Telephony provider configuration including keys for customer account.
    • Add help text to configuration and channel property screens.
    • Generic channel now supports html content type
    • Support Dialogflow as an input voice channel
    • Support Avaya CPaaS WhatsApp provider
    • Location sharing from WhatsApp / Messenger channels

Agent Client

    • Hide text input area for inactive conversations
    • Set active state if a message received on an open chat session
    • Scroll to bottom of conversation in chat window on opening a session  

Customer Client

    • Local browser language id for enter text prompt  

Dashboard / Analytics 

    • Update status board with information when channel based routing is used.
    • Dashboard channel list is now dynamic with only channels in use by the business.
    • Add plugin/widget messages to the redacted data extraction json.
    • Add progress messages to redacted data extraction json.

Bug Fixes

    • Image node in concierge upload available in new UI 
    • Improve status board performance for faster load times. 
    • Resolve conflict with same entry tag name in different intent maps. 
    • Agent check box on user create maintains proper state.
    • Match numbers from the daily extract and the dashboard/statusboard
    • Fixed 3rd party routing queue state management
    • Intermittent first message missing on agent notify
    • Reset typing indicator shown to client when agent stops typing or erases content. 
    • Repeated numeric types not properly redacted
    • Extended character set not working in email notify 

Tips, FAQ, Q&A Item of the Release 

    • See the article that details how to set up API calls using Koopid Expert Mode.  
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