06.01.20 – Release Notes V5.32


New Portal Updates / Notes

    • Main Koopid portal UI updates
    • Includes (Left Side Menu, Login, Experiences Create/Manage)
    • Agent toggle for new user role create


    • Concierge Essential Image Prompt Node


    • SMS as a channel configuration through Admin→Channels
    • Customization available for Agent End Chat message and Route Failure message
      in Admin–>channels–>chat
    • Provide meta data to 3rd party route requests (channel, identity, etc.)
    • Generic channel support for 3rd part chat channels (Ask Koopid for api
    • Generic channel support for text and media transmission
    •  Deflect api supports post for use of context data transmission

Agent Client

    • Turn off agent side text input box if the customer is inactive
    • Customer Client
    • Validate file types for client side file uploads

Dashboard / Analytics

    •  Usability adjustments to analytics reports
    • Server side timestamps for consistency in reporting and analytics

Bug Fixes

    • Provide feedback when saving at last step of Essentials Concierge Create
    • Fixed url editing node problems in Concierge Essentials

Tips, FAQ, Q&A Item of the Release 

With this release we have opened up the new Koopid Portal UI for use. You can find this at the bottom of left menu bar. Press the button “New Koopid Portal (beta)” to try out the new UI. We will be evolving the portal UI to this new look and feel along with introducing several new functions and features. For this release, the existing Koopid Portal is the default. For the next release, we will transition to the new UI as the default and provide a link back to the old should you need to get there. 

Give it a try and let us know if you have any questions or feedback. 

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