04.01.20 – Release Notes V5.30


New Portal Updates / Notes

    • Removed unused / non-working parts of the portal (styles, front door, tags) 
    • Moved expert mode items into Expert Mode (beta) under configurations 
    • Simplified training of AI intents into AI Management→Intent Map 
    • Added Roles to users (Admin, Manager, Designer, Supervisor, Agent) 
    • Updated default styling for new provider creation (Contact us to apply to your provider) 


    • Optimized essentials experiences (Smart Answers, Concierge, more coming soon) 
    • All conversational AI training is now in Intent Map 
    • FAQ is now Smart Answers Digital and combines directed and conversational FAQ functionality 
    • Concierge has a streamlined flow and added new node types, notify, image prompt, template, and link
    • Simple deploy for Smart IVR access. Use the deploy option from the Experiences→manage screen 

Expert Mode (beta)

    • Moved Expert level items under admin configuration 


    • Instagram Support 
    • Facebook Public (page) support 
    • SMS in/out as a channel (Avaya, Nexmo) 
    • Avaya EWC and CCMM connectors 
    • New WhatsApp provider support for gupsup 
    • Configuration of system controlled messages available in Admin->Configuration->Channels 

Agent Client 

    • Updated style options for new providers. (ask to convert existing providers) 

Customer Client 

    • Updated style options for new providers. (ask to convert existing providers) 

Dashboard / Analytics

    • Performance improvements 
    • Normalize metrics for session counting 
    • Customer context API for customer history use in 3rd party agent desktops

Bug Fixes

    • Fix total handled in daily statistics page. 

Tips, FAQ, Q&A Item of the Release 

    • Media Types: Description of the media file types and sizes supported for file upload / download from customer and agents. 
    • Embedding URLS: Description of leveraging other URL services from websites inside of Koopid workflows. 
    • Adding a Calendar: Description of using calendars for scheduling in Koopid workflows. 
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