03.01.20 – Release Notes V5.29



    • No new features for this release 

XDesigner  XPert

    • New node for media prompt, requesting the user uploads a file 
    • New node for server side api calls, use with social messaging channels for dynamic information requests 
    • New runtime variable for channel type 


    • Added true|false to indicate if the current customer has been placed in queue 
    • Platform chat channel config properties are accessible from provider portal admin under the channels item. 
    • Added media support for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to support file upload/download. 
    • Core data redaction of entities from system level database on session close. 
    • Push business identity into workflow variables
    • Added ability to configure agent connected message, see Admin -> Channel -> Chat 
    • Added a context parameter to the deflect API call. Providers may use this general parameter for business specific data/ids. 
    • Channel based routing through new skills values. See details below. 

Agent Client

    • Send transcript right panel function will use business identity if present 
    • Minimized agent browser window will receive all notifications 

Customer Client

    • No new features for this release 

Dashboard / Analytics 

    • Added parameters to system state including, Active Chats w/bot, Active Chats w/agent, Chats Waiting, and Agents at Capacity 

Bug Fixes

    • Admin account role check box on agent add/update from provider portal was not clearing properly 
    • DLBot was not returning the proper intent name for fallback items. 
    • Resolved issues with interaction counts on dashboard when using the channels or date dropdowns 
    • Resolved issues with customer route from WhatsApp to agent, in some cases timeout messages or history was missed 

Tips, FAQ, Q&A Item of the Release 

Channel-Based Routing

When using skills-based routing, you can setup your agents to handle a specific channel. This is often useful when a subset of agents is assigned to a specific channel (i.e. Messenger, Chat, WhatsApp). From the Admin -> Agents screen, add any desired channel skills to specific agents. Valid skill names are: messenger, koopidwhatsapp 

When using skills routing with a queue depth, all messenger sessions will go to Agent A. If Agent A cannot take any more sessions, then the sessions will wait in queue until she has capacity or until another messenger agent is configured. For example, Agent A is configured to handle Messenger sessions, and Agent B is configured to handle WhatsApp sessions. 

Active Sessions Dashboard Metric

The Koopid Provider Dashboard (Admin -> Dashboard), now has a new metric in the bot and agent panels. The number indicates the current number of active sessions with bots and the current number of active sessions with agents.

Please see the Koopid Reporting Tech Note for more details about the dashboard number and reporting data elements. 

Media Node

A new type of message has been introduced to push a media file out to a customer. This can be used in all channels including social messaging WhatsApp and Messenger. Sample workflows are available on request. 

The media option is now available in the type of message dropdown.  

Core Data Redaction

Permanent redaction of data in the core saved interaction stream is now possible with Koopid. The redaction is based on entities and will permanently remove the identified entity from the interaction history. The redaction occurs when the session is closed. Close may be a result of timeout, transfer, or an agent/customer close. The current feature will redact prebuilt entities. Release 30 will add support for custom entity core redaction.

To enable this feature, please contact your Koopid support representative. Due to the sensitive nature of this feature, there is not provider control at this time. 

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