01.06.20 – Release Notes V5.28



    • Improve vertical spacing of resulting FAQ essentials workflow 
    • Increase FAQ essentials max questions to 10 

XDesigner – XPert

    • Remove registered user url as deployment option, not valid for provider use 


    • WhatsApp Channel support (Nexmo provider) 
    • Social display of Emoji icons 
    • Facebook Messenger support, with automatic page approval flow 
    • Channel Admin UI for FB Messenger and WhatsApp 
    • Restrict file upload to portal for only valid image and document file types 
    • Restrict valid paths for plugin execution, improved security of platform. 
    • Reduce phone number restrictions to support Europe and other non-us numbers 
    • Replace “guest user” with a channel specific name based on info from channel. WhatsApp will use phone number. 

Agent Client 

    • Maintain channel type icon based on customer side of conversation 
    • Display business user info if available for a contact on the left side panel 
    • Remove bots as transfer targets, configurable to return on request 
    • Remove the current agent as a transfer target, no self-transfer 

Customer Client 

    • default to x-auth true for client login, fixes issues with various network configurations 
    • use local store for authentication of all client and entry tag logins 

Dashboard / Analytics  

    • Reorg dashboard with dashboard wide time selector dropdown
    • Start similar items on a new row, interactions, bot/agent conversations, agent/customer counts


    • XPert mode button create
    • Smart IVR Preview 

Bug Fixes

    • Remove temporary password in url for new user invite 
    • Disable swipe left function on client as a developer menu access method
    • Fix Arabic, other language support in WhatsApp/social connectors
    • Fix orphan customer on redirect to agent, intermittent problem 
    • Restrict javascript in an assign node 
    • Fix transfer and escalate errors with social channels 

Tips, FAQ, Q&A Item of the Release 

WordPress Plugin Configuration

    • The Koopid WordPress Plugin is available as an addon from the WordPress site. Search plugins for “Koopid” and you will find the link.
    • One of the common configurations for a company is to use a custom icon for the launch icon. This is the image that shows on your webpage. When clicked, Koopid is launched with your configured entry tag.
    • You can configure the icon used for launch with the following steps: 
      • Upload your desired icon to your Koopid provider instance. Select AccessàIcon from Xpert mode in the Koopid portal. 
      • Note: Icons should be square aspect ratio (i.e. 256×256, 512×512) and png or jpg files. 
    • From your Koopid Plugin configuration in WordPress, edit the “Button CSS” field with your customizations.  
    • The following is a sample CSS line for button placement. Other variations may be used to achieve other features. Replace the provider id and image file name with your specific values. width: 50px; background-color: white; background-image: url(https://app.koopid.io/kpd-static/providers/<your provider ID>/images/<your image file name>);  
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