12.23.19 – Release Notes V5.27



    • Disable call button and other unneeded display controls for essential workflows 
    • introduce essentials widgets to the right side of XDesigner Xpert. this gives access to essentials styles in workflow designer 
    • updated concierge contact information widget with name as first item and to populate business identity automatically 
    • FAQ Actions to enable web, workflow, and escalate actions on FAQ answers.
    • Improved spacing for Essentials FAQ workflow 

XDesigner – XPert 

    • Workflows can create a button to close the chat window 
    • Updated workflow management page to reduce options not needed 
    • Remove dev mode and device view toggles from left menus, they are now only available as top buttons on pages that use them. 
    • Added BCC and CC as options for email plugin 


    • WhatsApp Channel (Twilio provider) 
    • Channel configuration 

Agent Client 

    • Agent state notification sent to automatically sync with admin or api changes to state 

Customer Client 

    • Close / disable chat entry box when session timeout or agent close session

Dashboard / Analytics  

    • One click access to new workflow/session analytics (specify date range and see results without file download) 
    • Node titles displayed if available 


    • iPhone App Store released, Google Play store released 


    • FAQ essential 
    • Concierge essential 
    • New User creation  

Bug Fixes

    • Prevent workflow connection lines from disappearing by making node id read only 
    • Correctly use provider logo for error messages 
    • Fix sentiment and n-best data in export data 
    • Fix concierge essentials that were created without proper escalate links 
    • Display control node without any settings was ending a workflow, fixed 
    • Corrected default url link used in common/notify plugin 
    • Security fix: restrict file upload to images, pdf, and plain text 
    • Security fix: expand restricted access regions of sites. 


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