11.25.19 – Release Notes V5.26



    • IVA allows any workflow to be selected to include in front door / bot training 
    • Default message added in customer client display for Essentials workflows to indicate reaching an agent. 
    • Concierge contact collect widget automatically updates business identity for guest users. Result is agent will see the user as an identified user instead of generic guest. 
    • Concierge context collection supports insert of nodes into flow. 
    • New Deflect Essentials – current functions setup a workflow and notification to use through API deflection
    • Preview Deflect Essentials IVR creation – UI preview live for feedback to Koopid. 

XDesigner – XPert 

    • Added Text patter, choice buttons, and select dropdown nodes back to xpert mode palette. These will now function properly and take on Essentials styling. 
    • Close client window button available to present the customer an option to close the client window with a button. (see note below) 
    • Workflow variables available for analysis, intent, entities, etc. (see notes below for details)
    • Copy workflow button added to workflow in XDesigner. Makes it easy to copy any workflow including Essentials with one click. 
    • Changing the node name/id has been disabled. To name a node change the title. It will be used in display of the flow as well as the export/analytics. 
    • New welcome page for Essentials and XDesigner 
    • Provider specific agent inactivity time available (changes available on request). Currently providers are set to 2-hour timeout. Default for new providers is 10 minutes. 

Dashboard / Analytics 

    • Documentation update for data extraction (available on request) 
    • Add tag in data export to indicate the source of the input message 
    • Support workflow analytics refinement with selection of a single workflow to reduce the scope of display. 
    • Display warning on larger file sizes for workflow/session analytics uploads. 

Agent client updates 

    • Agent launch url supports passing only username and prompting for pw 
    • Social Messaging Channels 
    • Password reset available as part of portal login if account is tagged for reset. 
    • WordPress plugin supports timed, automatic launch (does not auto launch for mobile) 
    • Mobile app released, launch on app stores coming soon. 

Bug Fixes

    • Essentials concierge text input node should only allow one label 
    • Fixed some corner cases of incorrect customer history displayed in agent view 
    • Fixed cases of incorrect agent login detected. Use https://app.koopid.ai/agent/ for standard agent login 
    • Fixed pop out mode for Koopid client web page launch. 
    • Goto node path incorrectly identified in extraction data 
    • Essentials text input field improperly handling empty input. 
    • Duplicate entry tag parameters in some cases. 

Tips, FAQ, Q&A Item of the Release 

Mobile App Store Access: This release pushed Koopid clients to both mobile app stores. The clients provide a way for agents to be notified of new contacts and use the mobile interface to respond. 


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