09.23.19 – Release Notes V5.24



    • Welcome landing page 
    • Youtube videos for concierge, FAQ, and IVA 
    • Concierge node for workflow templates 
    • Concierge support to place contact and escalate at the node level 

XDesigner  – XPert

    • Plugin to check agent available state 
    • Updated generic email plugin, configurable content and link button 
    • Removed choice, dropdown, and text entry widgets. They will be replaced in upcoming release. 
    • Automatically move customer to agent conversation on route (Koopid config required) 
    • New automatic messages on route start and agent close (Koopid config required)                 
    • Improved workflow load and runtime speed                                                                                                                                                         

Dashboard / Analytics 

    • Conversation analysis under Learn -> analysis 
    • Workflow analysis under Learn -> analysis                                                                                     
    • New Experience -> Bot page with direct links to deploy instructions                                                 
    • First IT Samples update (Ask Koopid for copies)
      • Notification template with sms, email 
      • Essentials samples for Concierge, FAQ, and IVA                                                                         
    • Whatsapp connection and automation
      • NOTE: Koopid configuration and Whatsapp Business account required 

Bug Fixes

    • Agent desktop search is now case insensitive 
    • Fix missing data problem with extract function 
    • Fix message ordering in history display 
    • Input node timeout race condition fix 

Tips, FAQ, Q&A Item of the Release

We are starting to create short Youtube videos to document various features, functions, and design techniques using the Koopid platform. These will grow in number and improve over time. The first three are up as private Youtube links and will be moved into our Youtube channel after updates to content and voiceover. 

The first three are about creating Essentials Experiences. 

Please let us know any comments on content, questions, or suggestions for future topics. 


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