08.19.19 – Release Notes V5.23



    • Essentials enabled users 
    • Administration pages 
    • IVA to create Intelligent virtual assistants (front door) 
    • Context collect email address validation
    • FAQ essential updates for style, workflow, and function 

Export data additions 

    • Use local timezone when extracting data 
    • Workflow name added to export data 
    • Node id added to export data, matches json workflow node id

Agent desktop 

    • Active sessions only view option 
    • Customer information in right panel display is editable for guest users 

Agent State updates, green/red/grey:

    • Grey is for awayGreen for available, and Red for busy. 
      • NOTE: agents are marked as away when logged out or timed out. 
    • Dashboard metrics showing 24 hours changed to show today metrics 
    • Koopid common workflows moved to central location and renamed 
    • Session timeout enabled to expire sessions when not manually closed
      • Note: for current providers this is enabled on request 

Bug Fixes

    • Checkbox concierge node style fix 
    • Concierge menu multi line wrapping 
    • Only allow branch on selection and dropdown box input 
    • Incorrect fallback as a topic in export data 

Tips, FAQ, Q&A Item of the Release

New with this release is a session display mode for the agent desktop. There is now the option to show all current and past conversation for the agent, along with an option to display only the active conversations. With this display option the agent interface can be simplified to only the active conversations allowing focus and better management of their tasks. 

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