07.15.19 – Release Notes V5.22


Essentials Preview released for simplified creation of XPeriences 

    • Bot training and entry point creation 

Export data additions 

    • Session ID added to interactions 
    • N-best results 
    • Redaction policy additions for do not redact 

Agent desktop 

    • Agent suggestions preview into messaging edit box, push to send 
    • Agent edit customer information (Post 22 late push)

Bug Fixes

    • Workflow sequence display remains the same after clicking “show history” 
    • Image upload 10s timeout fix 
    • iPhone zoom loses text entry box 
    • OTP code duplication if times too close 
    • Stuck workflow state due to welcome workflow conflict 
    • Entity extraction problems in KoopidBot 

Tips, FAQ, Q&A Item of the Release


Koopid enables the use of system entities for extraction into a workflow variable and redaction in data export. Following are the list of system supported entities: 

    • Location 
        • Redaction name: ****GPE**** 
        • Description: major cities and countries in the world 
    • Dates 
        • Redaction name: ****DATE**** 
        • Description: some of the supported formats are May 23; May 23, 2018; 02/03/2019; 02-03-2019 
    • Time 
        • Redaction name: ****TIME**** 
        • Description: common time formats 
    • Organization
        • Redaction name: ****ORG**** 
        • Description: major organizations such as Citibank, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Chase Bank. There may not be support for non-US organizations. 
    • People
        • Redaction name: ****NAME**** 
        • Description: people names in the format firstname lastname .Examples are Adam Smith, John Doe. There is limited support for names that have non-Anglo origins. 
    • Money
        • Redaction name: ****MONEY**** 
        • Description: currency values 
    • Email
        • Redaction name: ****EMAIL**** 
        • Description: email addresses 
    • Numeric 
        • Redaction name: ****NUMERIC**** 
        • Description: string of numbers 
    • Identifier 
        • Redaction name: ****ID**** 
        • Description: string of digits and/or letters 


With this release Koopid delivers a new report. The Daily report is available from the XDesigner under the Learn->Extract navigation bar. 

    • Select a date or date range to run the report, then choose the “Daily Report” button. 
    • The resulting report is a CSV file with information about number of sessions for each agent and bot. The details also show information about response times and session duration. The file can be saved and easily imported into any standard spreadsheet application.  
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